Oxford International Lower Secondary English Book 8 (Second Edition)

  • Enable lower secondary learners to develop their confidence with English language and literature
  • Author Emma Danihel and Author Rachel Redford
  • Suitable for:  Age 11-14

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Oxford International Lower Secondary English Book 8 (Second Edition)

Oxford International Lower Secondary English teaches students to become confident communicators with a strong grasp of English language and literature, vocabulary and grammar. Students discover the joy of learning through engaging with a range of global texts and participating in speaking and listening activities and opportunities for writing.

Features Of Oxford International Lower Secondary English

  • Enquiry-based approach encourages learner agency and active collaboration
  • Students explore global themes, asking big questions and making connections
  • Differentiated levels of comprehension questions support assessment of student understanding
  • Language tips explain key grammar points
  • Word origin boxes make connections across languages and build vocabulary
  • Student-friendly learning objectives allow students to take charge of their learning

The Oxford International Lower Secondary English program is a comprehensive and engaging series designed to empower students aged 11-14 years old to become confident and effective communicators in English. It provides a strong foundation in core language skills while fostering a love of learning and preparing students for success in further education and beyond.

Key Features:

  • Inquiry-based approach: Sparks students’ curiosity and encourages critical thinking through thought-provoking texts and activities.
  • Focus on global citizenship: Develops understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives, preparing students to engage with the world as responsible citizens.
  • Integrated skills development: Combines reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities in a seamless way, reinforcing learning and promoting fluency.
  • Emphasis on creativity and critical thinking: Encourages students to express themselves creatively through writing, drama, and visual arts, while also developing analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Wide range of texts: Features fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama from around the world. Exposing students to diverse writing styles and genres.
  • Supportive teacher resources: Provides detailed lesson plans, assessment materials. And access to online resources to help teachers make the most of the program.

Benefits for Students:

  • Develops strong foundation in English language skills: Master key grammar, vocabulary. And comprehension skills to excel in academic and everyday situations.
  • Builds confidence in communication: Expands fluency in speaking and writing, enabling students to express themselves clearly and effectively.
  • Cultivates a love of learning: Fosters a lifelong appreciation for language and literature. Igniting a passion for reading and creative expression.
  • Prepares for success in further education: Equips students with the language skills and confidence needed to thrive in upper secondary and beyond.

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