• Model No. : CA-159
  • Function: Pd Charging & data sync
  • Output: 3A current
  • Length: 1.2m/1.8m
  • Power: 36w max | Compatible: Iphone ipad pro, airpod pro etc.
  • Material: TPE+PVC+Nylon
  • Support: PD fast charge

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Power Up Your Devices: Mcdodo Lightning Cable Adapter (OT-0510)

Gone are the days of doubt with tangled cables and incompatible ports. Enter the Mcdodo Type-C to Lightning Cable Adapter (OT-0510), the sleek and powerful solution for seamlessly charging and syncing your Apple devices with Type-C cables.

Ditch the Cable, Embrace Simplicity

Let’s face it, carrying separate cables for different devices is a recipe for cofusion and frustration. The OT-0510 adapter eliminates this hassle by bridging the gap between your Lightning-equipped iPhones, iPads, and AirPods and the ubiquitous Type-C cables found in laptops, power banks, and even some Android devices. This means one less cable to carry, one less charger to plug in, and a whole lot more convenience.

Unleash the Power of Fast Charging

Forget slow, intense waits for your Apple devices to juice up. The OT-0510 packs a punch with support for up to 36W Power Delivery (PD), allowing you to charge your iPhone 14 Pro Max from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. That’s lightning speed (pun calculated) compared to traditional 5W charging!

Beyond Speed: Reliability and Safety

Mcdodo prioritizes your device’s health and safety with the OT-0510. Built with premium aluminum alloy and a durable silicone band, the adapter is resistant to wear and tear. Its built-in smart chips intelligently regulate current and voltage, ensuring stable and safe charging for your precious Apple gadgets.

More Than Just Charging

The OT-0510 isn’t just about juice. It also lets you enjoy high-speed data transfer of up to 480Mbps, making it perfect for quickly syncing photos, videos, and other files between your devices.

Mcdodo Lightning Cable: Perfect Travel Companion

Compact and lightweight, the OT-0510 easily slips into your pocket or backpack, making it the ideal travel companion. No more rush for the right cable at the airport or hotel room – just plug and play with any Type-C cable at your disposal.

Invest in Convenience: Mcdodo Lightning Cable

The Mcdodo Type-C to Lightning Adapter (OT-0510) is more than just an adapter; it’s a gateway to a more streamlined and efficient digital life. With its unmatched versatility, blazing-fast charging, and unwavering reliability, the OT-0510 is a must-have accessory for any Apple user who embraces the future of connectivity.

So ditch the cable clutter, embrace the power of Type-C, and experience the difference with the Mcdodo OT-0510!

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