• Brand name: Mcdodo
  • Material: aluminum alloy/nylon
  • Line length: 1.2m / 1.8m
  • Current: 3A (Max.)
  • Type: USB-C Output Charger
  • Color: black, green

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Charge Wisely, Sleep Soundly: The Mcdodo Auto Disconnect Cable (CA-3600)

Ever wake up to a scorching, overcharged phone, sweating bullets about its battery health? Those restless nights are a thing of the past with the Mcdodo Auto Disconnect Cable (CA-3600) your guardian angel of intelligent charging.

Meet the Cable Whisperer

This isn’t just your average cord; it’s a game-changer. The CA-3600 boasts Mcdodo’s revolutionary Auto Power Off technology, a tiny tech titan watching over your battery’s well-being. Once your device hits 100%, the cable magically severs the juice flow, leaving you with a perfectly charged and happy gadget. Sleep soundly knowing your tech is in good hands.

Smarter: Mcdodo Auto Disconnect Cable (CA-3600)

But the magic goes beyond automatic shut-off. Built-in intelligent chips constantly monitor your device’s battery level and power intake, ensuring the charging process is tailored to its specific needs. No more overcharging, no more worries – just optimal battery health, guaranteed.

Speedy Yet Safe

While safety is paramount, the CA-3600 doesn’t skimp on performance. It supports 30W fast charging, juicing up your iPhone 14 Pro Max to 50% in just 30 minutes. Power up in a flash, without compromising the long-term health of your battery.

Mcdodo Auto Disconnect Cable (CA-3600): Made to Last

Crafted with premium nylon braided material and reinforced connector tips, the CA-3600 is a force to be reckoned with. It withstands daily wear and tear, accidental drops, and even the occasional tangle in your bag. This cable is a reliable companion for any adventure.

Big Things in a Small Package

Don’t let the compact 1.2m length fool you. This cable offers ample freedom of movement, while the anti-slip design ensures your device stays securely connected, even while charging. Plus, the LED indicator lets you know the charging status at a glance.

Invest in Tech Tranquility

The Mcdodo Auto Power Off Cable (CA-3600) is more than just a cable; it’s a thoughtful investment in your digital peace of mind. With its revolutionary auto shut-off technology, fast charging capabilities, and durable construction, the CA-3600 ensures your devices are always charged perfectly, without any stress or hassle.

So ditch the charger anxiety and embrace the future of worry-free charging with the Mcdodo CA-3600. Experience the magic of Auto Power Off, today!

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If you need more, you may visit Mcdodo CA-360

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