• Brand: Anker

• Compatibility: C TO LIGHTNING

• Features: PD 20 W – Fast Charging and Data Transfer Cable

• Cable Diameter: OD 4 mm

• Material: TPE

• Speciality: Super-Fast Charging Cable

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ANKER DATA CABLE-A81A1 – Your iPhone’s Charging Savior

Do tangled wires turn your charging experience into a frustrating knot-untying circus? Does your phone scream “low battery” just when you need it most? Enter the ANKER DATA CABLE-A81A1, your gateway to untangled charging bliss and lightning-fast power.

Conquer the Cable Chaos: Tangle-Free Freedom Awaits

Ditch the frustration of untangling a spaghetti junction of cords. The A81A1 is built to resist knots and snags, thanks to its durable, high-quality materials and flexible design. Slip it into your bag, toss it in your pocket, or leave it on your desk – it’ll always be ready to charge without a tangle tantrum.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Charge your phone in the car without a cable wrestling match.
  • Connect to your laptop on the go, knot-free and fuss-free.
  • Say goodbye to the dreaded “cable monster” under your desk.

The A81A1 is more than just a cable; it’s a declaration of independence from the tyranny of tangled wires. Embrace the freedom of effortless charging and experience a tidier, more organized tech life.

Charge Like a Champion

Forget the days of agonizingly slow charging. The Anker boasts ANKER DATA CABLE-A81A1 allowing you to charge your iPhone from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. That’s enough time to revive your phone for a quick call, catch up on the latest news, or squeeze in a few minutes of your favorite game before heading out the door.

Think about it:

  • No more waiting hours for your phone to charge.
  • Power up your laptop for a productive afternoon in a flash.
  • Never fear the dreaded “low battery” notification again.

With the A81A1, conquer your charging challenges and experience the freedom of knowing your devices are always ready for action, whenever you need them most.

ANKER DATA CABLE-A81A1 Quality: Built to Trust

Anker isn’t just a name; it’s a synonym for reliability and durability. The A81A1 is built with premium materials and advanced technology, ensuring safe and efficient charging for your iPhone. Plus, Anker’s industry-leading 18-month warranty gives you peace of mind knowing your charging companion is built to last.

Anker quality means:

  • Multi-protection technology safeguards your devices.
  • Reinforced connectors withstand wear and tear.
  • Sleek and stylish design complements your iPhone.

Experience the Anker difference and power your life with confidence.


Stop living in fear of the low battery notification. The Anker A81A1 USB-C Cable is your ticket to conquering tangled wires, unleashing lightning-fast charging, and experiencing Anker’s legendary quality. Embrace the freedom of effortless charging, a tidier tech life, and a phone that’s always ready to power your adventures.

Anker A81A1: Untangle the chaos, unleash the power, conquer your day.

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