UGREEN 50857 USB to SATA Hard Drive Duplicator

1. Color: Black

2. Supports 3.5″/2.5″ Sata Hard Drive

3. Speed ​​up to 5Gbps when connected to USB3.0 port

4. 25 x 12 x 4 cm

5. 248 g

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Simplifying Data Duplication with the UGREEN 50857 USB to SATA Hard Drive Duplicator

Introduction: In today’s digital age, managing and duplicating large volumes of data efficiently is crucial. Enter the UGREEN 50857 USB to SATA Dual-Bay Hard Drive Duplicator/Cloner EU – a versatile and user-friendly solution designed to streamline your data duplication tasks. Let’s delve into its features and how it can simplify your workflow.

Dual-Bay Design for Enhanced Productivity: UGREEN 50857

The UGREEN features a dual-bay design, allowing you to duplicate or clone two hard drives simultaneously. Whether you’re upgrading your storage drives, creating backups, or cloning drives for deployment, this feature significantly boosts your productivity by reducing the time needed for data duplication.

Plug-and-Play Functionality

Gone are the days of complex setups and technical expertise. With its plug-and-play functionality, the UGREEN ensures hassle-free operation. Simply connect your source and target hard drives, and you’re ready to start duplicating or cloning your data. This intuitive design makes it accessible to users of all levels, from beginners to IT professionals.

Versatile Compatibility: UGREEN 50857

Compatibility is key when it comes to data duplication, and the UGREEN delivers on this front. It supports a wide range of hard drive types, including 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA HDDs and SSDs, providing versatility for various storage devices. Additionally, it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup.

High-Speed Data Transfer

Equipped with USB 3.0 technology, the UGREEN offers blazing-fast data transfer speeds, ensuring efficient duplication and cloning processes. Whether you’re duplicating large multimedia files or cloning an entire operating system, you can rely on this device to complete the task swiftly and reliably.

LED Status Indicators: UGREEN 50857

Keeping track of the duplication process is made easy with the LED status indicators on the UGREEN. These indicators provide real-time feedback on the status of each drive, including power status, activity, and completion, allowing you to monitor the progress at a glance and stay informed throughout the process.


In conclusion, the UGREEN 50857 USB to SATA Dual-Bay Hard Drive Duplicator/Cloner EU offers a user-friendly solution for efficient data duplication and cloning tasks. With its dual-bay design, plug-and-play functionality, versatile compatibility, high-speed data transfer, and convenient LED status indicators, it’s the ideal tool for anyone looking to streamline their data management workflow. Whether you’re a casual user or an IT professional, this device empowers you to duplicate and clone hard drives with ease and confidence.
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