UGREEN 30633 Round Audio-Cable

  • SKU: 30633
  • Connector A: USB C Male
  • Connector B: 3.5mm Male
  • Cable Length: 1M

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Upgrade Your Tunes: Unravel the Power of the UGREEN 30633 Round Audio-Cable

Is your audio experience stuck in the age of tangled wires and outdated adapters? Do you yearn for the crisp sound of an aux connection but dread the cable jungle it brings? Fear not, audiophiles! The UGREEN 30633 Round Audio-Cable steps onto the stage, ready to transform your listening experience with its sleek design, superior sound, and unwavering reliability.

Unleash the Tangle-Free Symphony

Bid farewell to the Gordian knot of cords plaguing your backpack or music corner. The UGREEN cable boasts a beautifully round design that resists tangles and knots, ensuring your listening session remains a peaceful, music-filled affair. Toss it in your bag, wrap it around your device, or let it gracefully hang – regardless of the path it takes, your audio oasis remains undisturbed.

Aluminum Armor for Impeccable Sound

This isn’t just a cable; it’s a statement piece crafted for sonic excellence. The UGREEN cable features a sleek aluminum shell that not only adds a touch of elegance to your setup but also shields your audio from unwanted noise interference. Immerse yourself in the pure, untainted sound of your music, free from the buzzes and crackles of inferior cables.

Boundless Listening: UGREEN 30633 Round Audio-Cable

No more adapter juggling act! The UGREEN cable embraces inclusivity, seamlessly connecting your USB-C equipped devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops – to any device with a 3.5mm aux port. From your car stereo to your home speakers, experience the joy of universal connectivity and lose yourself in the boundless world of your music library.

Music on the Go: UGREEN 30633 Round Audio-Cable

Let the music follow you wherever you roam. The UGREEN cable’s 1-meter length offers the perfect balance between portability and convenience. Slip it into your pocket, tuck it into your travel bag, and enjoy your soundtrack on the go, whether you’re conquering your daily commute or embarking on weekend adventures.

Invest in Quality

The UGREEN Round USB-C Audio Cable is more than just a tech accessory; it’s an investment in your auditory pleasure. By offering tangle-free convenience, impeccable sound quality, universal compatibility, and portable ease, it elevates your listening experience, enhances your mood, and injects a touch of sonic joy into your daily life.

Key Features

  • Tangle-resistant round design
  • Stylish and sturdy aluminum shell
  • Universal compatibility with USB-C and 3.5mm devices
  • Compact and portable for travel-ready listening
  • Superior sound quality for an immersive experience


The UGREEN Round USB-C Audio Cable is your portal to a world of untethered, crystal-clear audio. Ditch the tangle woes, embrace the sleek design, and experience the pure joy of your music, wherever you go. Upgrade your listening experience, choose the UGREEN cable, and get ready to lose yourself in the soundtrack of your life.

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