UGREEN 10368 USB 3.0 Extension Male Cable 1m

  • Sku: 10368
  • Connector type: USB Type A, USB 3.0
  • Cable type: USB
  • Compatible devices: Game Controller, Scanner, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift etc.
  • Special feature: Data Transfer, High Speed

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One Meter to More Freedom: The UGREEN 10368 USB 3.0 Extension Cable Unveils Connectivity Bliss

Is your tech life strangled by inconvenient ports and short cables? Do you perform daily stretches just to connect your devices? Fear not, tech Houdini, for the UGREEN 10368 USB 3.0 Extension Cable arrives like a magic wand, ready to banish cable woes and unveil a world of effortless connectivity!

Unlock a Meter of Tech Freedom

One meter might seem small, but for your cramped tech corners, it’s a revolution. The UGREEN 10368 effortlessly adds a glorious meter of extension to your existing USB 3.0 connections, transforming your tech setup from a tangled mess to a haven of spacious convenience. Reach external hard drives from across the desk, power gaming peripherals without pretzel-like contortions, and charge your phone comfortably nestled on your nightstand – the possibilities are truly boundless.

Not a Frustration Machine

Forget about data transfers at the pace of a snail on vacation. The UGREEN 10368 boasts blazing-fast SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology, capable of data transfer speeds up to a staggering 5 Gbps. Edit large videos, transfer colossal data libraries, and enjoy lightning-fast backups – all without experiencing the soul-crushing frustration of slow connectivity.

Crystal Clarity, Even Beyond Reach

Enjoy your media without pixelated hiccups or laggy interruptions. The UGREEN 10368 supports high-resolution video transmission, ensuring flawless clarity and detail even over the meter-long bridge it creates. Connect to projectors across the room, stream movies on large screens without buffering woes, and enjoy video calls with colleagues – all with stunning visual fidelity.

Durable Hero, Not a Disposable Villain

Quality matters, and the UGREEN 10368 is no flimsy villain. Crafted with premium materials and tough connectors, this cable is built to withstand the daily grind of tech life. The braided nylon shielding protects against cable kinks and tears. While the gold-plated connectors ensure a secure and corrosion-resistant connection. Say goodbye to flimsy cables and hello to reliable performance!

Compact Size, Big Impact: UGREEN 10368

This isn’t just a cable; it’s a travel companion essential. The UGREEN 10368’s pocket-sized design makes it perfect for tossing in your backpack or laptop bag, ensuring you’re always equipped to conquer cable limitations wherever you go. Extend your reach at hotels, connect to shared workstations, or simply turn a single port into a multi-device oasis. The possibilities are endless.

Invest in Convenience, Conquer Cable Chains

The UGREEN 10368 USB 3.0 Extension Cable is more than just a technical solution; it’s an investment in convenience, frustration-free tech experiences, and a touch of magic in your everyday life. For an affordable price, you unlock a world of extended reach, effortless connectivity, and the power to make your tech work for you, not against you.

Bonus Tip: UGREEN 10368

Pair the UGREEN 10368 with a USB hub to turn your extended port into a multi-device command center! Conquer cable clutter and create a tech oasis of efficiency and freedom.

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