Oxford International Primary English workbook 3 (Second Edition)


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Alison Barber

  • <strong>Suitable for:  Primary English students from ages 7 to 8

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Oxford International Primary English Workbook 3 contains

Oxford International Primary English workbook 3 A complete six-year primary English language and literacy course that teaches young learners the language and skills they need to become confident, independent students, and supports the transition to secondary school.

Features Of Oxford International Primary English Workbook 3

  • Inspire and engage young learners with a range of culturally diverse fiction, non-fiction and poetry
  • Review and consolidate vocabulary with fun and accessible Word Detective activities
  • Support students with English as an Additional Language with practical language strategies
  • Develop writing practice with engaging and structured activities
  • Build confidence with Language Tips that highlight key concepts
  • Measure progress against learning objectives with the Check my learning feature

Content focus:

  • Key language skills: Reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening are further developed through engaging activities and culturally diverse content.
  • Grammar and vocabulary: More complex structures and wider vocabulary are introduced, preparing students for advanced language use.
  • Thematic exploration: Units cover engaging themes like friendships, adventure, the environment, and cultural experiences.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving: Activities encourage students to analyze information, draw conclusions, and think creatively.
  • Wellbeing and values: The workbook integrates activities that promote self-awareness, empathy, and global citizenship.

Features for learners:

  • Interactive activities: Puzzles, games, role-playing, and projects make learning fun and engaging.
  • Colorful illustrations and stories: Visually appealing content captures young imaginations.
  • Independent learning skills: Workbook encourages students to work independently and take ownership of their learning.

Features for educators:

  • Clear and concise lesson plans: Guides provide structure and support for delivering effective lessons.
  • Assessment tools: Activities help teachers monitor student progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Digital resources: Interactive tools and online activities complement the workbook.
  • Alignment with curriculum standards: Helps educators meet key learning objectives.

Overall, Oxford International Primary English provides a stimulating and effective platform for young learners to develop their English language skills, critical thinking abilities, and global awareness. It empowers educators to deliver engaging and differentiated lessons that prepare students for the next stage of their learning journey.

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