OTN-US323 Usb To Hdmi Video Capture Card

About this product

  • Brand: Onten
  • Model Number: OTN-US323
  • Interface: HDMI female
  • Connector: USB 2.0
  • Easy Plug & Play connection
  • Supporting Resolution : 4K
  • Housing: Aluminum and plastic
  • System Compatible : Windows, Android and MacOS

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Unveiling Innovation: Exploring the OTN-US323 USB to HDMI Video Capture Card

Introduction: Step into the world of seamless multimedia capture with the OTN-US323 USB to HDMI Video Capture Card. Discover the advanced technology and versatility encapsulated in the Usb To Hdmi Video Capture Card. Uncover how this compact device revolutionizes video capture, allowing users to transform their HDMI-equipped devices into powerful tools for content creation and live streaming.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Explore the user-friendly nature of the Usb To Hdmi Video Capture Card. Learn how its plug-and-play functionality eliminates complex setups. Also making it easy for users to connect, capture, and share their content without the need for intricate configurations.

HDMI Capture in High Definition

Delve into the capabilities of the Usb To Hdmi Video Capture Card for capturing HDMI content in high definition. From gaming sessions to presentations, understand how this capture card ensures crisp and clear video quality, preserving the integrity of your content.

Versatility in Content Creation: OTN-US323

Explore the versatile applications of the Usb To Hdmi Video Capture Card in content creation. Whether you’re a gamer, vlogger, or educator, discover how this capture card facilitates the recording of diverse content, opening up possibilities for engaging and dynamic multimedia production.

Live Streaming Made Easy

Uncover the potential of the Usb To Hdmi Video Capture Card for live streaming. Explore how this capture card seamlessly integrates with popular streaming platforms. It allowing users to broadcast their content in real-time with professional-grade quality.

Multi-Device Connectivity: OTN-US323

Discover the convenience of multi-device connectivity with the Usb To Hdmi Video Capture Card. Understand how this capture card accommodates various HDMI-equipped devices, from gaming consoles to cameras, providing users with flexibility in their content capture setup.

Advanced Editing Capabilities

Delve into the post-capture possibilities with the Usb To Hdmi Video Capture Card. Explore how users can leverage advanced editing software to enhance and customize their captured content. And adding professional touches to their videos before sharing them with the world.


As we conclude our exploration of the USB to HDMI Video Capture Card, it’s evident that this device is more than a capture card—it’s a gateway to elevated content creation. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast, content creator, or educator, the OTN-US323 empowers users to capture, create, and share multimedia content with unparalleled ease and quality.

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