OTN-U5220 4 in 1 USB-3.0 to RJ45-USB-3.0-3 Hub

About this product

Material  Aluminum Alloy and PVC
No. of ports4
USB 3.03
Ethernet RJ45Available
Data Transmission speed5Gbps
Cable length200 mm
SKU: OTN-U5220 4 in 1

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Exploring the 4 in 1 USB3.0 to RJ45(1000m) + USB3.0*3 Hub OTN-U5220

Introduction: Dive into the world of seamless connectivity with the 4 in 1 USB3.0 to RJ45(1000m) + USB3.0*3 Hub OTN-U5220. This blog serves as your comprehensive guide to understanding the multifunctional capabilities, high-speed data transfer, and enhanced productivity that this innovative USB hub brings to your digital workspace.

Discover the versatility packed into this compact hub. Uncover how the 4 in 1 USB3.0 to RJ45(1000m) + USB3.0*3 Hub becomes the central hub for your connectivity needs, offering a range of functions in a single device.

High-Speed USB 3.0 Technology Unleashed

Explore the advantages of USB3.0 technology. Learn how the USB3.0 harnesses high-speed data transfer, allowing you to move files, connect peripherals, and engage in data-intensive tasks with optimal efficiency.

RJ45 (1000m) for Reliable Network Connectivity

Delve into the significance of RJ45 (1000m) connectivity. Understand how the inclusion of this feature ensures reliable and high-speed network connections, making the USB3.0 an ideal solution for professionals working in various networking environments.

OTN-U5220: Versatile Peripheral Expansion

Explore the convenience of three additional USB3.0 ports. Learn how these ports cater to a variety of devices, from external hard drives to peripherals. IT also providing a flexible and organized solution for your workspace.

Plug-and-Play Simplicity

Discover the user-friendly aspect of the USB3.0. Understand how the plug-and-play functionality eliminates complex setups, allowing you to connect and use the hub effortlessly with your devices, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

OTN-U5220: On-the-Go Connectivity

Explore the portability of the USB3.0. With its compact and lightweight design, discover how this USB hub becomes an essential companion for those on the go. It also providing additional connectivity options wherever you are.

Sturdy Build for Longevity

Delve into the durability features of the 4 in 1 USB3.0 to RJ45(1000m) + USB3.0*3 Hub. Learn how its sturdy construction ensures longevity. Also making it a reliable investment for users seeking a robust and long-lasting solution for their connectivity needs.


As we conclude our exploration of the 4 in 1 USB3.0 to RJ45(1000m) + USB3.0*3 Hub OTN-U5220, it becomes evident that this hub is a powerhouse of functionality. Whether you’re a professional seeking streamlined workflows or a tech enthusiast managing multiple devices, the USB3.0 offers a simple and effective solution to meet your digital connectivity demands.

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