OTN-5138 Vga To Hdmi Converter

About this product

Model numberOTN-5138
Product NameOnten OTN-5138 VGA Male to HDMI Female Cable Converter
Product TypeVGA to HDMI Adapter
InputVGA (DB15 Male)and Audio(3.5 Audio Jack)
OutputHDMI(Type A 19pin Female)
Support Resolution720P/ 1080i 1080P output
Support VGA Resolution800*600 to 1920*1080 input
Cable length7.87 inches / 20cm
Weight4.2 ounces
SKU: OTN-5138

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Exploring the Versatility of VGA to HDMI Converter OTN-5138

Introduction: Step into the world of hassle-free connectivity with the VGA to HDMI Converter OTN-5138. This blog serves as your comprehensive guide to understanding the features, benefits, and diverse applications that make this converter an essential tool for bridging the gap between legacy VGA devices and modern HDMI displays.

Discover the fundamental features and capabilities that define the VGA to HDMI Converter OTN-5138. Uncover how this compact device transforms VGA signals into high-definition HDMI output, unlocking new possibilities for your audio-visual setup.

Bridging Legacy and Modern Displays

Explore the significance of the Converter in bridging the gap between older VGA devices and contemporary HDMI displays. Learn how this converter ensures compatibility, enabling seamless integration of legacy equipment into modern home theaters, monitors, and projectors.

High-Definition Visuals: Elevating Display Quality

Dive into the transformative power of the VGA to HDMI conversion process. Understand how the OTN-5138 enhances visual quality, delivering crisp and clear high-definition images for an immersive viewing experience on HDMI-enabled screens.

Plug-and-Play Simplicity: OTN-5138

Explore the user-friendly aspect of the Converter. Learn how the plug-and-play functionality eliminates the need for complex setups. It is also making it easy for users to connect and enjoy enhanced visuals without the need for technical expertise.

Audio Integration: Complete Multimedia Experience

Delve into the audio capabilities of the VGA to HDMI Converter. Discover how this device not only transmits video signals but also integrates audio, providing a complete multimedia experience for users looking to enjoy both visuals and sound.

Compact Design for Portable Connectivity

Discover the portability of the Converter. With its compact and lightweight design, explore how this converter becomes an essential travel companion. It is also ensuring portable connectivity for presentations, meetings, and entertainment on the go.

Wide Compatibility: OTN-5138

Explore the diverse applications of the VGA to HDMI Converter. From business presentations to gaming setups, understand how this versatile converter caters to a wide range of scenarios, making it an indispensable tool for various user needs.


As we conclude our exploration of the VGA to HDMI Converter, it becomes evident that this compact device is more than a converter—it’s a key player in seamless connectivity. Whether you’re a professional, a gamer, or a home entertainment enthusiast, the OTN-5138 ensures that your visual and audio experiences are effortlessly connected and elevated.

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