New Get Ahead English Book 7

  • Improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills
  • Expand your vocabulary and grammar knowledge
  • Learn about different cultures
  • Develop your critical thinking skills
  • Increase your confidence in using English
  • The book is written by Amina Azfar.
  • It is part of a series of “Get Ahead English” textbooks for Grades 1 to 8.

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The “New Get Ahead English Book 7” appears to be a popular textbook for learning English as a Second Language (ESL). It’s designed for students in Grade 7 and focuses on developing all four language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Here’s what I found about the book:


  • Graded progression: The book follows a structured and gradual approach to learning, ensuring students build upon their existing knowledge and skills.
  • Real-life context: Lessons and exercises are based on practical and relatable situations, making the learning process more engaging and relevant.
  • Four language skills: The book integrates activities for all four language skills, helping students develop well-rounded English proficiency.
  • Attractive illustrations and engaging content: The book uses colorful visuals and interesting topics to keep students motivated and make learning fun.
  • Bilingual Teaching Guide (optional): Some editions come with a bilingual Teaching Guide (English/Urdu) that provides additional support for teachers and parents.

Additional information:

  • The book is written by Amina Azfar.
  • It is part of a series of “Get Ahead English” textbooks for Grades 1 to 8.
  • You can find the book online at various retailers and educational websites.
  • Content details: Are you interested in the specific topics covered in the book, like grammar points or vocabulary themes?
  • Sample activities: Would you like examples of the exercises and activities used in the book to get a sense of the learning approach?
  • Reviews and comparisons: Are you curious about how other learners or educators have experienced the book, or how it compares to other ESL textbooks?
  • Finding resources: If you’re interested in acquiring the book, I can help you find online retailers or libraries that carry it.
  • Specific learning goals: If you have specific goals for your English learning (e.g., improving conversation skills, preparing for exams), I can tell you how “New Get Ahead English Book 7” might fit your needs.

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