BT-3401 Wireless Charger Lamp Speaker Clock

  • Charge & Chill: Wireless power for your phone, dazzling lights for ambiance, music for your soul.
  • All-in-One Hero: Ditch the clutter, embrace this multi-function marvel.
  • Sound Oasis: Immerse yourself in rich audio while your phone charges.
  • Timekeeper Extraordinaire: Always on top of your schedule with a handy clock.
  • Double Coil Power: Charge horizontally or vertically, no wrong way to go.
  • Compact & Chic: Fits your desk or bedside, adds a touch of modern flair.
  • Bonus Fun: Hands-free calls, music playlists, even FM radio!

Ditch the clutter, embrace the BT-3401! Your life simplified, music amplified, style illuminated.

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BT-3401: All-in-One Wonder (Wireless Charger, Lamp, Speaker, Clock)

Ditch the clutter and embrace the versatile BT-3401 Wireless Charger! This multi-functional marvel combines wireless charging, mood lighting, immersive sound, and a handy clock into one sleek device.

Key Features

  • Wireless Powerhouse: Place your phone on the pad and watch it charge effortlessly. No more tangled cables!
  • Dazzling Lamp: Choose from a spectrum of colors to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion.
  • Sound Oasis: Enjoy rich, crystal-clear audio for music, podcasts, or audiobooks.
  • Timekeeper Extraordinaire: Stay on top of your schedule with the easy-to-read digital clock.
  • Double Coil Design: Charge your phone horizontally or vertically, whichever way you like.
  • Multiple Function Modes: Choose from wireless charging, Bluetooth speaker, or lamp mode independently.
  • Compact & Stylish: Fits seamlessly on your desk or bedside table, adding a touch of modern flair.

The BT-3401 Wireless Charger is ideal for

  • Tech Geeks: Simplify your life with this multi-functional powerhouse.
  • Night Owls: Read in comfort with adjustable lighting and soothing music.
  • Music Lovers: Immerse yourself in high-quality sound while your phone charges.
  • Gift Givers: Surprise your loved ones with this unique and practical gift.

Charge with Ease:

  • Power Up, Wirelessly: No more fumbling in the dark. The BT-3401 features a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad for your smartphone, earbuds, or any other compatible device. Simply place your gadget down and watch it come back to life.
  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, the BT-3401 welcomes all. Say goodbye to adapter chaos and enjoy the convenience of universal wireless charging.
  • Safety First: Built-in safeguards protect your devices from overcharging and overheating, ensuring you wake up to a fully charged phone and peace of mind.

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to the BT-3401! This all-in-one wonder simplifies your life while adding style and functionality. It’s your perfect companion for work, relaxation, and everything in between.

Bonus Points: BT-3401 Wireless Charger

  • Hands-free calling capability.
  • TF card slot for playing music directly.
  • FM radio functionality.
  • Durable and travel-friendly.

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